Who We Are

Durapid Technologies is not just a company, it’s a dream of 3 IT geeks who are expert in their own domains varying from technological expertise to System Architecture and project management with rich experience and exposure of 5+ years in IT industry. We assure you to be your one-stop solution for all your software related Problems. We are a software development company having a primary focus on providing promising software solutions through our vast and varied expertise across different IT domains. By implementing high-quality software solutions we aim at helping you to grow your business.

What We Offer

Custom Software Development

Our custom software development solutions meet the most challenging business related problems.

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Mobile Application Development

User friendly, Feature packed and the high performance application which supports all your needs on any platform.

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Web Development

Make the Website which makes your business grow in today's Digital World and enhance your presence.

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Dedicated Development Team

Hire a loyal software development team with niche skills and deep expertise.

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UX / UI Design & Development

Get the best of design-services and development with our dedicated team to fulill your needs.

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QA & Testing

Switch to our developers to perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing of your software.

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Chatbot Solutions

Reduce Customer Service costs while increasing Customer Statisfication levels.

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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions provide a range of strategic, creative and productive services.

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Advertising Solutions

Effective Techniques and Trades to reach out thousand of industry professional through your advertising compaigns.

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Communication Technologies

Have an unmatched end-to-end service, right for developing, strategies, scripting creative solutions for any Business.

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Product Design

Technology based tools & solutions to integrate with existing services.

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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Marketing, Brand Management & Public Relations to grow your business.

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Patient-friendly software that empowers healthcare industry workers.

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Our Education Softwares and Development Services are tailored to improve e-learning and empower the education.

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Life Style

We develop lifestyle applications by which one can perform tasks like shopping, food ordering, travelling and entertainment to stay organized and hassle free.

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We provide complete turnkey solutions to the industry. We believe in automating the system without much change in the process.

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Durapid is a cloud-based business management solution designed for tour operators that offers both inbound as well as outbound tour management functionalities within a suite.

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Ecommerce App,Ecommerce, store, grocery app in online, retail store app, grocery mobile and web app Ecommerce App,Ecommerce, store, grocery app in online, retail store app, grocery mobile and web app


Durapid manages your online store and handle aspects such as adding and removing products, tracking inventory, calculating taxes and other work required to fulfill orders placed on the website.

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